Claiming a Studio Listing

Circusbase is designed to be a community-based platform that anyone can submit a studio listing, whether or not they own or work for the studio or not. These studio listing will be reviewed and add onto Circusbase without an owner.

However, if you are the owner, or work for, the studio and want to be in control of how your studio listing will look in the Circusbase community, what images to include, add promotions etc – you can claim the particular studio listing and you will then have the ability to edit the content, upload or delete images for that particular listing.

Step 1 – Browse to your Studio Listing

Studio Listing Page

Step 2 – Register or Log in

If you haven’t already.

In order to claim a studio, you need to be registered and logged in.

Step 3 – Scroll down to the bottom

Claim Studio button below the Contact Information Section

Click on the Claim Studio button at the bottom of the listing page.

Step 4 – Fill in the relevant information

Claim studio form

After clicking on the Claim Studio button, there should be a simple form for you to fill in. Provide any information for us to verify you own the studio. A few tips to help us make this process as smooth as possible:

  • If you register using your studio email address, we can easily verify this by sending you an email.
  • If not, try to provide alternative official contact that we might be able to verify your identity with. E.g. instagram profile or facebook account etc.
new Edit button on Studio Listing page

Once we manage to verify you identify, the Studio Listing will be under your profile and the Claim Studio button will be gone from the listing page.

There will be a button on your studio listing page for you to edit your Studio.

Dashboard page where you edit your studio listings

And that’s it – now go and claim your studio and go wild!

Add more images and better the description so that the Circusbase community knows what you guys are all about!